Falcon Elite Volleyball Alliance (Formerly Falcon VBC) is a non-profit Eastside volleyball club located in Bothell, WA, that is dedicated to the promotion and development of youth volleyball players. At FEVA, we produce technically-sound and mentally-strong volleyball players through skill-based instruction and positive feedback in a competitive, team building environment.


  • Coach Andrea “Hammer” Roelen

  • Coach Piper Roelen

  • Coach Maren Duimstra

  • Coach Savannah Horton

  • Coach Kelcie Urstad

  • Coach Cija Tanner

  • Coach Lindsey Elliot

  • Coach Claire Lyshol

  • Coach Janett Ramirez

  • Coach Liv Roelen

Board of Directors

Community members coming together to lead and support our non-profit 501c3 organization

  • Sandy Rhinehart, President

  • Linda Nelson, Secretary

  • Carmen Roberts, Treasurer

Professionalism and integrity

We treat our players, families, coaches, and staff in a manner that builds each person up and teaches players what it means to have integrity, confidence, a strong work ethic, and mental toughness, which helps them grow as individuals in character and skills.


We form valuable and meaningful relationships with our teams, so they realize the meaning of TEAM, hard work, sacrifice for others, respect, humility, and inclusivity.


We promote and encourage open, honest, and even difficult communication between teammates, coaches, and families so that problems find solutions, not become distractions.

Player development coaching philosophy

We take pride in hands-on, interactive, and positive coaching methods to identify how each player can learn, improve, and excel to become sound, safe, and strong volleyball players. We teach players the correct mechanics for learning all skills and challenge them to use those skills daily in game-like drills, competitions, and team-related activities.


We prioritize team events, bonding, and group activities that help each player feel valued, seen, and appreciated by their team and coaches.


FEVA will form 4 club teams during the 2023-2024 season between the age groups of U13 to U16.

  • U15 and U16 Tryouts will be on Sunday July 16, 2023

  • U13 and U14 Tryouts will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2023

  • All Tryout sessions will occur at Park Ridge Activity Center in Bothell, WA

Go to our TRYOUTS tab for more information.

Puget Sound Region Volleyball is the governing body of our region and its website has excellent resources for families wanting to know more about USAV club volleyball in this area. Please visit www.psrvb.org.

FEVA documents and 501c3 materials that are required for public disclosure are available upon request by emailing fevavolleyballclub@gmail.com